Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Fun

Hello all you wonderful Key Clubbers!!!
Old Business:
     We raised about $100 dollars for our Key Club, SO WAY TO GO!!!! Everyone deserves a pat on the back, you all worked so loyally and diligently! We crushed ( Hehe punny.... ) last year's earnings and everything! Also, a HUGE shout out to Jennie Wiegert for running the "Crush for Crush" and helping the Key Club to raise money, and give the club and school something fun to do!
Just a few of the many Crushes all ready to go!
In addition, Emily Bullock, Kaylene Cuthbertson, and Sydney DeWall worked the food pantry this last Saturday, and helped many in need. They aided those in need choose food to take home. The foo pantry is every second Saturday of the month, and it's a lot of to fun to work! makes you feel good about yourself knowing that you've done something to help out the people of the community.

Good team work at the food pantry!
We also had another blanket making session with the Random Acts of Kindness club from the elementary school. Everyone worked hard, and we got a lot done!

So many people working together to make some blankets for the homeless!
Finally, the Key Club just helped host a woman's tea time at the Public Library. it was a huge success, so big thanks to Andrew Nestler, Sydney DeWall, Haley Decker, Jazmin Martinez, Johanna Nash, Emily Gorman, and Alyssa Schiesher!
New(ish) Business:
     Many of our members have been working hard for the basketball concessions, and we greatly appreciate all your help! We have a few more games, make sure that if you are working that you don't for get!
WE NEED YOU!!! For working at the fun fair that is. Please, if you are not already signed up to do so, or if you already are signed up to take another shift. We would be very grateful, as we need as many members to go as we can get! Similarly, please do not change the shift you are working unless you okay it with Ms. Brown!
The next two dates for the Discovery Museum are Saturday February 21 ( Discovery engineering ) from 1:00pm-3:30pm and Saturday February 28 ( Sleepy Time Pajama Party ) from 9:00am-12:30pm.
The Northern Illinois Food Bank is a great way to get your hours in at the time you can get them! So be sure to find some dates you like and let Ms. Brown know when you want to work!
     Be sure to keep your calendars clear for March 28, because starting then Becca's closet will be opening up once more! Becca's closet is a fun way to help out the community, and they can always use some more great help such as yourself!
We have a brand new volunteer opportunity! The John Flynn Basketball Tournament concessions working is now available so be sure to find a date and time you like and sign up! Our goal is to get everyone working at least one shift. The times are from March 28-29.
     We will be selling doughnuts once more next Friday morning, so be sure to spread the word!

Such beautiful doughnuts!
     Nominations for next term's officers are open to anyone in good standing with Key Club ( this means you have all your hours and attend most of the meetings ). Nominate yourself or a friend for President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Statistical Secretary, Secretary, or Editor. You don't need any previous education or training for these positions, although it is helpful. The officers of the previous term will be around to help the new officers if they find themselves needing help. Ms. Brown is an immense help as well, so don't be shy!!!

Three new members owe to the Spastics Paralysis Research Foundation Jar so if you missed something you signed up to work for be sure to pay the fine or make up the hours!
     Don't forget to sign up to Remind for text messages reminding you of important Key Club dates!
If you bought a tee shirts be sure to pick it up! Also, there are two extra for sale and they are for sale to any key club member! The shirts are beautiful, and a great way to show off the great club that you are apart of!

BEFORE YOU GO! Every one in Key Club, especially the officers and our two advisers, appreciate any and all help you members give! There wouldn't be a club with out you members, so don't forget how important you are! Key Club strives to help the community, and that's just what you as a member help us to do. As a new term of Key Club rolls in, the officers and advisors hope that all members will keep up the great work and do all they can to go above and beyond what's asked of them! May this new term be super eventful, helpful, and fun!

Ms. Brown poses after a productive day of Key Club work! (I caught her slightly off guard)

     Thanks for reading and being apart of the K Family!
Thanks for all your hard work!
Wrapping all those Crushes took a lot of helping hands.

Selling doughnuts in the early morning.
There were so many Crushes!

Trying to take a "nice" picture for the website... I must not have any power over them.
Getting ready to go home after a long day of wrapping Crush Cans.

Some more blanket making!

Having fun while hard(?) at work!
Ms. Brown and her daughters making a fleece blanket!

While two people buy some doughnuts, Celena checks up on the work.
Team work can get a lot done!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome Back!

With the first semester over, and we come back to school, Key Club picks back up again in full swing.

Divisional Council Meeting: Making necklaces with other schools to fund raise!

Hello all you fellow Key Clubbers! Hope your winter break was amazing, and you're getting all your hours in! We had two great months this past December and November, including many great services and meets. We had a fairly good turn out for the Kiwanis meeting with a total of five going. Our bake sale did wonderful! We raised just under $200 for our Key Club, so great work to all who helped and thanks for baking some goods for it. 

The Kids Against Hunger was a big success. "It was a lot of fun... And I was in charge of the rice!" ~Emily Bullock, Member Representative. "Oh, it was great... I was put in charge of the protein." ~Celena Josephitis, Key Club Treasurer. Every one worked so diligent and they had so many people come to help, they finished about two hours ahead. "It was fun! I enjoyed it!" ~Taylor Schulz, Key Club Member. "I was in charge of putting in the nutrient and flavoring powder. I met a lot of new people! It was really enjoyable. I hope that we get to do this event again next year!" ~Ms. Brown, Key Club Adviser. Great job to those of you who went!

While we may have been a small group, the NICU binder making was a huge success! With only four people working, we made 61 binders in a relatively short period of time. So great job to Emily, Mary, Kaylene, and our friend Cindy for all the hard work you put in!

Emily, Cindy, and Mary working on NICU binders

Basketball season is well underway, and along with it we have raised a lot of money to help fund our club and other organizations we fund. Thank you to all of you who help in selling tickets and keep up the good work!Key Club was able to join together with the new Random Acts of Kindness club at the elementary school to make some fleece blankets for the homeless. It was a lot of fun to meet so many adorable children, and we hope to have more opportunities to work with them again in the future. Finally, we had quiet a few people who went to the Divisional Council Meeting where we listened to our current Lieutenant Governor talk about our district and all that's going on in it. We also got to hear two amazing speeches from our very own Celena and her opposed, trying to run for the next Lieutenant Governor. Celena may not have won, but she held her head high and we couldn't be more proud of her! Afterwards, we gathered with other kids from abroad and made hope necklaces to sell for fundraising. It was a lot of fun!

Posing for the paparazzi at the divisional council meeting

Continuing Opportunities to get Your Hours:

  • Choose your own hours and dates with Northern Illinois Food Bank or Salvation Army Bell Ringing. If you are interested in either one, please contact Ms. Brown with some dates and times in mind you would like.
  • The Discovery Center would still like volunteers each week, so look to the Key Club bulletin for specific dates and times to sign up for.
  • The Pecatonica Food Pantry is every second Saturday of the month from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. 

Newer Opportunities to Get Some Hours:

  • Keep your calenders clear for Saturday, February 7th, times are to be announced for working at the Small Ensemble meeting.
  • Also, for the fun fair, keep your agendas clear for Saturday March 15th. Times for this are also to be announced soon.
  • There are also a variety of dates for working concessions so be sure to check the club bulletin on your next visit!

*** Don't forget to sign up to Remind for regular reminders about volunteer opportunities and hours! To sign up just text @peckeyclub to (217) 718-4121

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Beginning of a GREAT New Year

Our Key Club is well under way into our new school year! This means new members, new career opportunities, and more fun! We've already had many volunteer opportunities including, but not limited to Pec Pacers, helping the Lions Club at The Pec Thing, a self-planned Community Clean Up, and Becca's Closet. These are a few of what we've done, what we are planning, and what we will do! So let's make this another great year of Key Club, together!

Work At Becca's Closet

There are many volunteer opportunities coming up for the month of October. Mark you calenders, and see Ms. Brown to sign up for what you can volunteer for so you can get your required monthly hours. Every member is required to volunteer for 3 hours each month (one of these hours may be non-Key Club related). Members who are involved in a school-sponsored sport that month are required to volunteer for 2 hours (one may be non-Key Club).

The Discovery Center is a lot of fun, so sign up for what tickles your fancy! Ms. Brown has a number of dates and activities the Discovery Center would like volunteers for.

The Community Canned Food Drive will be October 22nd to November 5th. Positions for volunteering will be open before school, after school, and during the volleyball game, so sign up for a time that fits your schedule best!

Also, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has begun! Get your box from Ms. Brown ASAP to start earning money! This is the last year Kiwanis will be raising money, and the last year the ELIMINATE Project will be in existence, so get in on the fun before the action is all gone!

Remember to check if or when you are signed up to work at the middle school for the Pec Pacers. In relation, the Key Club needs volunteers to work at the 5K on Saturday, October 25th from 8:15 am to 9:45 am. So make sure to sign up soon before all positions are filled!

Scanning bar codes for the runners.

Kiwanis Peanut Days is coming up! It's a lot of fun, I know from personal experience. On Saturday, October 18th you could be sitting in front of one of the many businesses in town greeting people and handing out peanuts to the people who donate money to Kiwanis. And you can work with a close friend and have extra fun!


     ~Text @peckeyclub to (217)718-4121 for regular reminders and updates!
     ~Membership dues are to be turned in to Ms. Brown by October 8th 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Update

Don't forget to find volunteer opportunities over summer break to receive your summer Key Club volunteer hours! So far we have some dates for the Discovery Center (which can be found in your school email account) and tutoring younger children at the Pecatonica Public Library on Thursdays.

Also remember to have yourself, your family members, and your friends sign up at to help our school earn money by logging your activity minutes!  If some of your activities include non-paid work for others (raking, mowing, pulling weeds, etc.), this can can toward you Key Club hours, too!

Tab pulling and cookout at Mary's on June 21 at 1:00!

If you would like to design a tee-shirt for next year's Key Club, be sure to turn in the design to Ms. Brown by August 31.

Lastly, make sure, in order to receive Key Club updates by phone over summer, to sign up with Remind101 by texting @peckeyclub to (217) 469-5076.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paint the Gym Pink

Thank you to Bella for the sign! See you all at the game!

Bring your change! Encourage others to empty their pockets! Key Club will once again be teaming up with the Pride Tribe at tomorrow's pink out volleyball game to help raise money for a great cause. In between the first and second varsity game, there will be a one minute dash to see which school can raise the most money in support of breast cancer research and awareness

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week of October 13

Tuesday, October 15
Club Meeting - ISP - We'll be outside removing pop tabs during the meeting!
Pec Pacers - 3:30-4:10 - Robbie & Nolan

Wednesday, October 16
No events scheduled

Thursday, October 17
Pec Pacers - 3:30-4:10 - Seth & Robbie

Volleyball Game Tonight! We may be doing another Minute to Raise It event  - all proceeds would benefit a reputable breast cancer research foundation.   Make sure to wear Pink to show your support!

Friday, October 18

No events scheduled

Saturday, October 19

No events scheduled

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Peanut Day

Did you know that Kiwanis Peanut Day began in 1951 right here in Illinois?  What a beautiful day it was to raise some money for Kiwanis and the charitable projects it sponsors.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered!